Mishky is a handmade fashion jewelry brand

Our believe is that our pieces have the power to accentuate the expression of your personal style and fill your stories with life


Mishky, whose name comes from the indigenous South American Quechua word Misk'i meaning "sweet", was founded by two talented Colombian women with experience in fashion, international business, advertising, graphic design and jewelry. Quality has always been central to Mishky’s designs, materials, manufacturing and customer experience.

Mishky has also managed to position itself as a socially sustainable company thanks to its training and employment generation programs for women.

Preserving crafts

Mishky jewelry is 100% handmade in Colombia based on original house designs. The company constantly innovates and experiments with new materials, colors and designs, maintaining its brand identity and extreme attention to detail.

Some of the materials used in product design include Japanese Miyuki mustards, bronze-plated metal parts plated with nickel-free gold, pearls, semi-precious stones, Italian threads, Greek leather and other materials all of excellent quality.

A international brand

Mishky has thrived by consistently responding to the diverse demands of its customers. It provides 3 seasonal collections each year with a Latin touch. Innovation and meticulous work invested in each creation is what distinguish Mishky jewelry. Mishky has a network of distributors who have made it available in prestigious stores worldwide in the USA, UK, France, Spain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Dubai, Morocco, Panama, Brazil and Chile.